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Originally Posted by cpietra16 View Post
well we just got back and the vet thinks that it may be an infection
I'm hoping that's just it ! speedy recovery Winnie

Originally Posted by pugsrule View Post
IF it is a UTI, the vet should have been able to see the bacteria under the microscope. They also usually use chemstrips which tell if there is infection, high ph etc. There is no guessing at whether there IS an infection, just which antibiotic to use, unless you get a culture and sensitivity test....then no guessing at all. Hope your vet is right, that is usually easy to clear up./
Yes there is guessing. You have to start with clearing the infection first , and see it there isn't anything else after treatment. They can't start off by testing for cushings or addison before trying the UTI route. It much simpler this way. No point on paying thousands for the other tests , if it ends up just being a UTI. I know , I've been there with one of my guys.
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