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Originally Posted by taffybadgirl View Post
I have a 3 year old doxi-poo. She wont stop peeing in the house. I have a dog door that gives her 24/7 acess to outside. She pees anywhere she want weather Im home or not . Help Im ready to lock her outside. Also I crated her and she peed in that to
There are a couple of things that come to mind.

Peeing in the crate is not normal for an adult dog. The crate may too big, in which case she's using part of it to pee and laying away from the pee. Also, how long did you leave her in it? If not too big then I'd be concerned about a bladder infection. A bladder infection would cause her to not be able to hold it long enough to get outside. It could also make her pee more frequently than usual, because she's not getting all of it out at once.

How much is she drinking? If she's drinking a lot and peeing a lot then there may be other health issues at work. Diabetes is one that comes to mind that will cause overconsumption of water. There are also other illnesses such as kidney infections that will cause overconsumption of water and a lot of peeing.

If I would you I'd be VERY concerned that she is sick. Some of the illnesses that can cause uncontrollable peeing are very serious. She needs to see a vet to rule out any physical condition that may be causing her accidents.
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