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Originally Posted by Angeluvzu View Post
hazelrunpack- yes, they said there is nothing wrong, they have theories, that he is being aggressive towards my boyfriend bc he feels threatened by him as to he has been the only male in the household, but i need it to stop asap, it has been getting worse,. He tried to give him a bath today and my dog turned and tried to bite him. If this progresses, i wont have a choice anymore and HAVE to get rid of him.
My Silkie Terrier does the same thing around little kids, unfortunately I have not solved that aggression issue because I don't currently have my dog with me, my advice is to encourage the good behavior (if he ever shows it) by praise or treats, and discourage the bad behavior by either removing him from the room or try a squirt bottle, (the squirt bottle doesn't always work, but sometimes it does) if the dog wants to be with you he will eventually learn that he needs to be nice or he can't be around you, only keep him away for a few min, and then introduce him to the room again. IMMEDIATELY remove him when he growls or bares his teeth, or bites, or something like that, otherwise he isn't going to know what he did. Sometimes you may think that they know exactly what they are doing wrong, but trust me, they don't have a clue. Another tip, do not under any circumstances hit/spank him. That just encourages the aggression, and make sure that your boyfriend isn't either. I am not judging you, trust me look at some of my threads, I have been thoroughly chewed out over things that have been happening with my dog, so I am just giving advice. Remember, your boyfriend is the new cat in town and the dog is trying to show that he's in charge, take charge and let him know that it's not OK by reinforcing the good behavior and discouraging the bad. It's not going to get better overnight, but keep working on it, your training needs to be consistent, every time he does something good (sniffs instead of biting, or quietly sitting instead of baring his teeth or barking) you HAVE to praise him, or he will get confused, and every time he barks at him, or bites, or bares his teeth (peeing also constitutes bad behavior) remove him from the situation, don't stay with/by him in the other room/crate either, because that's what he wants, you to be away from your boyfriend, you have to let him know that you are in charge, not him. The peeing around/on your boyfriend could be submissive peeing, although I doubt it, I think it may be him trying to prove that he's the one in charge. Remember, in training consistency is key. Hope this helps ( I would totally be doing this with my dog, except I don't have him with me), and the best of luck to you.
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