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DoubleRR is right. You've allowed her to eliminate places you don't want her to so many times that she now doesn't know it's not ok. 5 months old wasn't the right time to give her free roam of a room to herself. Many dogs aren't completely potty trained until a year old or more, and that's if you've been working with them since 8 weeks or so. You can't allow her free roam of anything just because she's stopped having accidents for a short amount of time.

You will have to restart training by supervising her when she's not crated and not allowing her to eliminate in those spots. Clean the places she's had accident with an enzyme cleaner to completely get rid of the smell. Reward her with treats in praise when she does go where she's supposed to.

At night she needs to be crated so she doesn't have access to the places she's not supposed to go.
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