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Honestly don't know what to tell you. When I train a pup--I take it out on a strict schedule and never allow it to "go" in the house.
You can only 'rescue' if you are set up to do so-----
The reason she is ignoring the paper is they do not like to eliminate in the same well used spot--if you clean up a spot, they will use it again as there is a faint odor still. If you do not clean it enough, they will look for another spot to "scent" with their urine or feces. She has not forgotten anything--you have only had her two months and she does not understand what you want. Now that she has become used to eliminating indoors you will have some issues in retraining. Look into providing a spot that is set up like a piece of lawn for indoors. They make potty stations that drain through fake grass and entice dogs that like to go outside to use them instead of the floor. Google it. Good luck.
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