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yep Chico all is well so far! it appears all are getting food! the one in the foreground is just having a nap! its even worse when its hotter, they lay flat on their face spread eagle and just lay there! you would think their dead for sure!~

On a sad note I watched a peregrine family in the Netherlands live for a very long time...a few years back one of the chicks was the last to hatch and many days after the others, obviously very small and you could tell it wasnt going to make it. The mom and dad tried to feed it and keep it going but it appeared to be very under developed. It passed away one night while thousands of us watched online and it was quite sad. Having said that it is nature?? It was even sadder to see Mom discard it from the nest! In peregrines with multiple chicks you can always see the first born be the bully in getting and dad know to give to the others but when there are 4 of you, you have to stand up for your food or you wont get any!

Chico what was even more amazing was that the female of the nest sadly lost her battle for the territory after having laid 3 eggs. No one knew what would happen. Well Dad stepped up to the plate and brooded them until a short while after they hatched they accepted the new female as thier mom! she must have been a new mom too because the chicks wouls squak at her and she would fly away...pretty crazy that year but amazing to be able to see whats going on high up on tower in the Netherlands!
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