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Thank you,

I plastered my neighborhood with fliers, talked to all the neighbors in our building, managed to talk the superintendent of the building next door (its a warehouse) into letting us scour the building, torn my loft apart and left a trail of kitty litter,treats, our other cats fur, my hair and a few socks from the laundry (gross but she knows my smell) leading back to her home.

I contacted the microchip place that her chip is for (all pets that come from the humane society are chipped now) to let them know she was missing and posted her info w/ a pic on all the "lost and found" cat sites. I'm praying that all of this draws her back!

I think she is very close to home and just too scared to come out. I'm praying that she returns safely and without any harm in the next few days...if not, I'm going to still keep searching. She's my baby and I don't know what I'll do without her!

Again, thank you! That helped <3
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