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hehe, I wouldn't just toss in random plants. This all came about when I had to downsize this 90 gallon tank i had in the basement. It was there from my ex boyfriend, and had the three goldfish, and three giant plecos. I had to give away the tank because we are renovating our basement, so I gave the plecos to a guy who had a giant tank for each of them and now i've just been trying to keep this 33 gallon tank clean enough. I used to have this tall grass-y stuff Sword plant? it did really well, but when I downsized the tank, a lot of the gravel (flourite) went with it - was a stupid mistake.... So it all died, but I would get more of the same gravel and put in some of the same plants since they seemed to grow like weeds when the tank was healthy. I also have some Anubias left over, but they are having a hard time, obviously.

Right now I've got a coralife fixture with some sort of purple-ish spectrum bulb. It was a fixture my dad bought for me when my chameleon's light fixture broke... It was never used because it wasn't the right uvb spectrum. So, when i downsized the tank i gave it a whirl and it was the right size. It makes my fish look really bright and glowy, but in hind-sight probably killed the plants.

I will see what I can do... my basement is now crammed full of stuff so I couldn't get another tank down there. *sigh*
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