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I honestly don't know much about this pond they would go to, other than it has been established for 7 years and is 12' deep and is something like 12' x 18'. I don't know if they currently have fish in it, or not.

When I got the 33 gallon about 6 years ago (the fish were not in it for that long), they were also selling 55 gallon tanks for $55, would that be an acceptable size for now? I can probably upgrade to that if I can get the extra $$. I've had a lot of sick pets the passed 6 months and haven't been able to spare a lot of money. Could you give me suggestions to help the current situation until I can afford a bigger tank?

Does that nitra-zorb stuff actually work? If i buy that with a bunch of plants?

I have tossed around the idea of a pond, but I am way too poor to even consider that right now. The grass area of my yard is probably the size of the guy's pond!

Thanks for your help, it's totally appreciated!
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