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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
Swheat Scoop does a marvelous job here for me with six cats in the house. The smell is a lot nicer than wet clay. Did you do a gradual change over or all at once?
I wish you luck with Gizzy.
Thanks 14+! I think the bf just did all at once. I don't think he knows the proper protocol even after having a cat for 13 years although he knows that a food change should be gradual.

catlover2: We had run out and bf went to pet valu on his way home from work instead of petsmart or wal-mart. We usually get exquisicat, i think. And I guess Pet Valu didn't have that so he picked up the Swheat Scoop. I thought it was great cuz you can flush it but he doesn't want to flush it so we are going to switch back cuz it doesn't last as long.

Ok so I just got home from school, Gizzy was with Forest all day and I checked for pee puddles but can't find any, so I guess that means he has no problem using the litter boxes out here but not in the master bath?? Or he has been holding it in all day. Your guess is as good as mine. Anything I should do now?
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