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I had no idea that a cat would have a delayed reaction to something they don't like, I thought it would be more immediate. But good news regarding that, my bf doesn't like it cuz even tho it says it clumps, it doesn't do a good job and he basically has to empty all of it out. So should we wait until the bag is done? Forest seems to use it fine. We suspect he has arthritis so he never covers his business anymore.

Last night the bed was semi-dry, no smell so we put a garbage bag on underneath the sheets and Gizzy spent the night with Forest. I'm sure the spraying issue will be back, guess it's time to buy stocks in tin foil and go to costco and get some in bulk to cover the furniture...

Bf got screwed out of overtime money on his paycheck so that may be a factor contributing to my hysterics...
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