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Joan, thanks so much for your very informative post. (Wow, you're like a super-woman looking after 5 handicapped pugs! I applaud you!)
I had no idea that UTIs don't show up with blood work or that there is often no fever. Great information that I'll remember. Also will try adding incentives to the water supply! He's been drinking quite a bit of the beef broth I made for him, in addition to water and I've also been giving him some electrolyte solution from time to time.
I'm really hopeful that the antibiotic will bring down the size of the prostate but if it is not simply an infection, I guess it won't. We'll see. I'll definitely pick up some chemstrips, as well, as I suspect this is not the end of the problem.
For now, I'm so relieved that he's eating and acting like himself again.
I'll post pictures as soon as I can figure out how!
Thank you so very much for your info and support.
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