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Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
So through all of this I have not heard of Gizzy going to the vet to see if he is 100%.
Have you considered adding another litter box? Not in the same area the other ones are in. Maybe across the room or in another room all together. I know it's a open concept condo so maybe one of the bathrooms? Do you clean them morning and night? Are they away from noisy appliances? Is Gizzy being ambushed by Forest when he tries using one?
It is also possible he is still able to smell his urine on your bed and therefore has decided it's fair game. You may need to wash all of your covers/blankets in lots of vinegar and rubbing alcohol. The mattress you can try renting a carpet cleaner with a furniture attachment and clean it very very well. You may have to sleep elsewhere for a night while it dries but it's worth a shot.
If none of this works then pm me. We can work on something. I just hate to think of him being given up for spraying. Although I am still not sure if it's spraying or peeing.
It was the spraying issue, but now he is just peeing on my side of the bed. And I have no idea why.

I'm just soo upset right now, all trust I had with him is gone like that. I know deep down I don't want to lose the cat that has come to follow me around and always wanting to be with me. Fortunately, bf is more understanding and says he is staying, even though last time he said if he pees again he's gone...

Going to the vet is worth a shot but I think all we'll find out is it is behavioral and will prescribe pills to shove down his throat when that alone makes him mistrust us even more. I kinda avoid going to the vets now because they push dry food, and don't respect my concerns. What about Bach Flower Essences? I could try that. I am just baffled as to why he is suddenly reacting this way when I came home saturday night and he smelled the other pets. He's never reacted that way before, he would just rub all his scents on me to reclaim me, I guess.

When catlover2 suggested I separate them b/c of the dominace issue with Forest, Gizzy got the bedroom at night and during the day when we weren't home. In total we have 3 litter boxes, not cleaned meticulously but he has gone in when they were a lot dirtier. There are 2 litter boxes along the floor to ceiling windows in the main part of our condo, and his litter box in the master bath inside the bedroom. Only Gizzy uses it. Forest has never been in it or near it, and no way for him to be ambushed. Outside the bathroom, about 1.5-2 ft away is the laundry closet (stacked washer/dryer behind a door), they are never turned on when he is going to the bathroom, and they weren't on before we left Saturday night.

On Saturday when he basically peed on me it was near the foot of the bed, between my knees and feet area. Today when he peed on the bed, it was a few inches below my pillow, so where my chest would be.

We have a top loading washer so it is very hard to wash out comforter and throw blankets (the huge ones you get at fairs and ribfests), I have lots of vinegar but no rubbing alcohol. Do I wash them with vinegar and detergent or just vinegar or get some rubbing alcohol and run them with vinegar? How much for each? Would a steam cleaner work on the mattress?

We'll both be sleeping on a couch tonight, and he will be confined to the bathroom again, because I just can't trust him anywhere by himself unwatched. Hopefully we can get a crate by tomorrow.
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