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Update on Blue

Here is an update for anyone who has followed this thread. Over the weekend, we noticed that there was some blood and pus on Blue's bed and also oozing from his penis. Along with this, he seemed brighter and more energetic. He wanted to go for a walk on Sunday! I talked with the vet this morning and he asked me to bring Blue in with a urine sample. Again, Blue was eager to come along in the car and we had a short walk before we went to the vet.
The sample indicated a definite infection. (I still don't really understand why the blood work didn't reveal this, or why there is no fever, but there is a lot I don't understand.) The vet prescribed an antibiotic called "sulfamethoxazole" containing trimethoprin. The hope is that the infection is causing the prostate enlargement and that the antibiotics will reduce the swelling and lead to eating and normal evacuating.
So, my fingers are crossed. He needs to eat soon.
Thanks to all who expressed an interest and 14+kitties, I'm sorry I didn't understand what "JMO" meant until you told me! Thanks.
Anyone who has any experience with this problem, I do appreciate hearing the experiences others have had. Pugsrule's story made me especially happy.
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