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Don't feel bad about thinking of rehoming him or sending him away to a sanctuary or somewhere, anyone with a bad sprayer has likely been driven to that point. You're not--repeat NOT--a bad person for thinking this way. This is a big problem with cats, especially males/neuters, for spraying or not peeing in the litter box, and the most common reason cats are euthanized. People just get to the point it's too stressful and unlivable.

Do you have a large size wire dog crate, or can you borrow one? Unfortunately, he will have to be confined to it until you can get through your school tests which are more important for you to do well in than worry about your cat. It won't hurt him to live in a crate for a while until you decide what to do. He may not like it much, but it's the best suggestion I can think of at the moment. Set it up with a cat bed/old towels/Tshirts for his bed and put in his litter pan, food and water.

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