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I too would be looking at outside sources. 5 year olds experience a lot of changes in the world around them, which can result in anxiety or nerves about going to school, extra-curricular activities, etc... which can lead to cramps and digestive issues whether or not there is a raw-fed dog around.

You may want to ask yourself how she is doing at school, whether she is processing new information about the world around her (expectations, friendships, fatigue coming up to the end of the school year, etc) that could lead to an inability to fully process what's happening (often inability to mentally or emotionally process go hand in hand with inability to physically and physiologically digest).

Another thing might be changing teeth or growth spurts. The teething process (even in older children) leads to a changed pH of the saliva, which can upset the tummy. Growth spurts can be physiologically exhausting, which can lead to incomplete digestion.

Either way, I wouldn't look at raw food for Lola as the first course of action.
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