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RAW & children

I am feeding Lola (5 months) RAW medallions but recently my 5 year old started suffering with severe abdominal cramps and looser stools. I have taken 2 samples to the lab, one for parasites and one for culture and sensitivity and am awaiting the results.

I make sure that everything is as hygienic as possible, ie I use antibacterial spray to clean the sides that I use, remove the bowl as soon as she finishes, and wash everything in hot soapy water.

THEN I realized, the dog will go and pick her toys up and my kids will get the toys and throw them for her, and so on and so on. I try to tell them to wash their hands after playing with her but they are 3 and 5..

understandably I have to put the health of my children first so what would you suggest as the next best thing? my husband suggested cooking it, yes it will loose a lot of its benefits but is that still better than canned?

thanks for your help
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