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Wishing you good reoprts for tomorrow.

BTW on one pug we have, he had an enlarged prostate, and with ultrasound it had some different echoic (sp?) points, eventually we did take it out when he had bladder stone surgery, but before that we gave him stillbesterol, and it did definitely take the prostate down to a near normal size. Now it will not cure anything, but it can sometimes help until something can be diagnosed. I have read that stillbesterol when injected directly into the prostate can reduce the size in hours. We gave it orally, but saw a difference within a day or two.

We still have this pug, the prostate though enlarged several different times, was not infected or cancerous when we had it removed last year. In way of explanation, we hesitated to do any surgery on him as he is a paraplegic rescue of undetermined age, but definitely a senior. He had 2 major surgeries last summer, and is still doing well today. So never give up hope, they have a will to live many times, that supercedes diagnosis.

Hugs Joan
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