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Originally Posted by twomutts View Post
1)I am returning to the vet for further diagnostic testing tomorrow morning... is this leaving it too long?

2) I have read that soy products contain compounds that mimic estrogen. In your opinion, is it possible that this could be enough to influence the prostate gland?

3) I am planning to continue with the metronidazole... will it help with the colonic inflammation?

4) Would [metronidazole] have any effect on either cystic disease or prostate infection?

5) Is there anything that I can do to help Blue to feel better until tomorrow?
1) It sounds like Blue is getting a little better so no. Also performing a biopsy or aspirate on an emergency basis is not likely to hasten getting an answer by that much.

2) There are concerns that tofu and soy products turn men homosexual due to increased estrogen levels. While I don't think that estrogen levels are a factor in orientation, the fact is that we don't see any morphologic changes with soy consuming males. So even if there is a slight increase in estrogen (and FWIW I have no idea if this process occurs in canines or not) it would not be significant enough to change prostate pathology.

3) Most likely. So I would continue the metronidazole.

4) Less likely. While metronidazole gets into many tissues, including seminal fluid, it is not a drug of choice for the prostate. The most likely bacteriums for the prostate include: E. coli, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, Proteus, and Mycoplasma canis. Based upon likely bacteriums and absorption levels within the prostate, the following are first choice antibiotics: Sulfonamides (TMS: trimethoprim sulfa, etc.) and enrofloxacin (baytril). Doxycycline, other fluoroquinilones (marbofloxacin), clindamycin and erythromycin are also good choices.

5) If your veterinarian prescribed any pain medications like tramadol, then I would continue that. Otherwise I would not recommend any over the counter OTC drugs. While there are many prostate holistic options like lycopene etc. at this point I think you need answers before proceeding on and relying on treatment measures.
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