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Thank you so much Dr. Lee for your informative response to my questions. You answered most of them and I appreciate your consideration. I am certainly most concerned about prostate cancer, as I understand it is not really treatable. I am returning to the vet for further diagnostic testing tomorrow morning... is this leaving it too long?
Blue actually seems to have improved slightly in the last 24 hours but now has quite a bit of discharge from his penis when he pees; it looks like pus and blood. And he still has not eaten. He is still drinking water.

I do have a couple of further questions for you. We do not drink milk in my house but we do drink an organic soy milk. I give this to the dogs most mornings with their breakfast and sometimes in the evening as well. I have read that soy products contain compounds that mimic estrogen. In your opinion, is it possible that this could be enough to influence the prostate gland?
Also, I am planning to continue with the metronidazole until I have met with the vet again. Will it help with the colonic inflammation? Would it have any effect on either cystic disease or prostate infection? Is there anything that I can do to help Blue to feel better until tomorrow?

Again, many thanks for your input and concern.

Thank you, pugsrule, for your thoughts and concern. His bloodwork on Friday showed no signs of infection, bladder or otherwise but I'll certainly ask the vet about it.

Thanks all of you for caring. He is a truly great dog and I hate to see him so low. We can all hope this is something treatable.
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