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Need some advice: Gizzy peed on the bed with us in it like 10 mins ago!

We went out with friends tonight, separated them as usual, they both had food and everything. I'm exhausted and freezing and all I want to do is go to bed in a warm bed, and Gizzy jumps up and pees on the bed! Went from the throw blanket, thru the comforter, my blanket, the bed sheet, and a bit got on the mattress. He is confined to the bathroom for the night cuz I don't understand why he peed. His litter box is fine and we just switched to Sweat Scoop last week, so I don't think that is a factor. Our friends have a cat and 2 dogs and when we got home and went to pet him he smelled me as normal as if I wasn't near any other animals. Could this be why he suddenly started to use our bed as his new litter box?? Does this mean I will have to start covering the bed with tin foil now too? Grrr

ETA: I heard him use his litter box last night while we were sleeping and when bf woke up he brought him out into the living room with him and when I woke up he used the litter box out there, so I think this was a one time thing, but I don't want him to pee on the bed again. So anything I have looked up on the internet suggests chronic inappropriate elimination. We have to go grocery shopping today and will need to separate them still, so do I confine him to the bathroom again, or put tin foil all over the bed, or take a chance that he will behave nicely?? If he pees again, I will pull my hair out! This was supposed to be a cheaper solution to the spraying issue. So if he pees again, he will probably have to go to the vet for tests to rule anything out and then put in a play pen.

If anyone has any insight as to why he had to pee on the bed, but use his litter box after being no where near the bed, please reply!!

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