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Hi Winston,

1) last normal (formed) bowel movement was Wednesday afternoon. He has passed small blobs since then but the vet assured me that he is not full of poop that can't get out. I need to trust the vet on this.

2) last meal was a Wednesday evening snack. (say 9:00 p.m.) While it is worrisome and I recognize not-eating as a serious symptom, I do not believe it to be life-threatening in the short term. His internal organ function was measured as normal yesterday. That said, I have tried tempting him with all kinds of treats; he is simply anorexic. (another symptom of prostate problems I have learned)

I am keeping him hydrated and he seems a little more comfortable tonight. He is still bright-eyed and alert and he is panting less. His temperature remains at 101.5 which is normal. Since seeing the discharge from his penis, I am reassured that this probably some type of prostate infection and therefore treatable. (unless, god forbid, it is also cancerous.)

At any rate, I can't afford to panic.
Thanks for your interest. I will continue to update.
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