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Hi there 2mutts! welcome to the site. When was the last time your dog had something to eat? its seems weird that he would be straining if he has nothing in him? can you entice him with some boiled beef and rice or potatos and maybe a bit of yogurt? I am afraid I know nothing about prostate?? sorry

The metronidazole is for an upset tummy and an anti inflammatory I think. My dog is just finishing up the same meds but his problem was diarrea.

Does his bum look sore to you? You can also try to give him some pumpkin if you can get him to eat. It works wonders in dogs for both firming up the stool or loosening it! It has to be pure pumpkin not the pie filling.l

How does he seem to you? lethargic? able to walk properly? the meds he is on should not make him sick really?
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