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Neutering complications - worried

My Buddy was neutered on wed 5.5.10. The first night when we brought him home he was totally out of it. I was so worried that I used an infant medicine dropper to get water into him. He never moved, just stayed larthargic the whole night. I had noticed that his scrotom looked swollen (about the size of a tennis ball) and he was really bruised near/around his penis. The next day, he was not much better, still out of it, not really coming to. It wasn't til later that night that he began to show "life" again. I had to still give him water with the dropper, and hand fed him cheese, meat and other things he liked, as he wouldn't really eat either. Well, on the third day, we took off his cone for a little while. When we didn't see him, he had ripped out a few stitches. We put the cone back on, and using the cone, he finished the job of ripping out the remaining stitches. This past wed, when the swelling began to get really bad, and he was beginning to bleed, we brought him back to the vet. He did another surgery, not quite sure what he did exactly, other then close him up and he gave us some antibiotics. He began to swell again, and then yesterday, began to bleed, alot (IMO). We never took the cone off of him this time, and hand fed him all the time. Today, when you touched his one leg, he cried out very badly, and began to really bleed. We took him to the vet first thing, and he "milked" the blood out, saying this was normal, but it had backed up, and that we should do this too. Now, only 10 hrs later, he's back to where he was this morning. I am so worried. This just can't be normal. I've never had a dog fixed before, just used to cats that rebound in no time flat. Today when we left the Vet, he told us to bring him back on tomorrow (Sat). But we've decided to bring him somewhere else. Has anyone else ever had a dog have this kind of complications after neutering?
Oh, he does eat/drink a little if we hand feed him, but we again cannot touch the one leg without him crying out. We were also not given any kind of pain meds for him, or told what/how we could address any after pain.
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