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Thank you 14+ for the valuable information. Even those of us with many kitties under our belts can still learn.
On a personal note though....there are many cats who will never be mousers, and it definately should never be believed all cats can do it, especially those with generations of domestication. I have 3 Maine Coons which according to the so called printed literature regarding the breed have been bred in generations past as excellent mousers. A few years ago my daughter carried a mouse into the house in her backpack....these proud mousers sat outside her door looking into the room, too afraid to go in for 2 days before I clued in to what was going on. Long story short....I had to catch the mouse and I have not been bred for mousing!
I think mama cat taught them the fine art of chasing toy mice because they are champions at that!
Thank you again for the wonderful informative post.
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