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Question Invisible Fence for two small cats and a larger dog?

I'm hoping for some advice on this. I currently have two small cats (around 12 lbs each), and we're moving from an apartment to a house in the country with a nice, large back yard. It is, unfortunately, also on a main street (not terribly busy, but still a main street). I do not intend for my cats to become outdoor cats, but they are very active and agile, and have a tendency to dart of out of the door when it's opened a crack. I would like to put an invisible fence in to prevent their leaving the property (and possibly getting run over) if they do happen to dart out accidentally.
We are planning to adopt a larger dog (border collie or something similar) in a couple of months, and I have the same concerns for the dog. Plus, we would like to let the dog out into the yard from time to time as well.
My question is: will the same invisible fence work for both the cats and the dogs, with the difference in size? Are there any brands that experienced members on the forum can recommend?
Thanks in advance!
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