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Spaying Xena

I did book her, but unfortunately there is no room until March 7th. Not sure if that might be too far. I don't have a discount vet (as I'm not an "official" rescue) so I deal with Vanier College - but they are very busy these days. Tried to get one for Feb. 7 or the 21, and both days were full. So I'm just hoping.....

I'm glad some of you feel the same way. I hate having to think of doing this, but as I've been saying for 10 years, "we can't save them all", and I feel it would be a mistake to let her have pups.

Thanks for all the encouragement guys.

Also, there is a little poodle, 3-4 yrs, old, who was recently rescued from a so-called rescuer (that I have been tracking for 4 years now - unfortunately there are no laws to shut her down) last week-end. He is very afraid of people, having been badly neglected while in her care, but very sweet. Not a fear biter, just hides in corners. No pix yet, but working on that. Pass the word!

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