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Woooooo Hoooooo We Have Hatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heres the news!

FIRST CHICK OF 2010!!!!!

May 6, 2010 - Lead monitor Audrey Gamble reports: The long wait IS over for Madame X and Surge. The image at left, taken at 10:02 this morning, clearly shows the first young Peregrine of 2010 in the Sheraton Hamilton nest. As of noon the presence of the chick and the three remaining eggs was confirmed by telescope. This is one year to the day, and almost to the minute, of the first chick's appearance last year. We are on our way!!!

Today Madame X took full charge of the eggs, her usual style when it gets this close to hatching. It's disappointing not to be able to follow as closely from our home computers as we usually do. I sure hope the chicks will be as hardy as the bloomin' weed. Once the chicks hatch and get moving around they should trample the weed down, giving us a better view.

Even through the weed I could see that Madame X was restless this morning. She sat tight all afternoon with her back towards the camera and me, so even from the Stelco Tower I didn't get a look under her. She may have been restless because she heard 'pipping' and perhaps also because the wind was strong and gusty. Despite the shelter of the scrape, her feathers were being well ruffled by the wind. Surge visited the nest ledge every hour or so and had a little 'chat' with Madame X, but she didn't budge. Surge would make a few passes by the nest and return to his nearby sentry post. At one point three passing turkey vultures drew his attention and there was nothing mild mannered about the reception he gave them. Madame X didn't leave the eggs, but she finally turned around so that I at least had a glimpse of the front two eggs while she was 'jiggling and squiggling'.
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