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Gunky eyes

Rolo is a 15-year-old Lab/Chow cross whose eyes have been producing gunk for over 6 months. We've taken him to the vet three times- two different doctors. Both say that there's nothing they can do except prescribe eye drops or ointments which have not helped at all. We have tried everything they have given us, plus every OTC eye drop and gel I think might help. We've tried oral Benedryl, too. We clean Rolo's eyes about three times a day--would do it more, but we both work the same long hours. Sometimes Rolo's eyes are so matted, I know he cannot see. He HATES us cleaning them, even though we use a soft, warm, wet cloth. It doesn't matter if he is in the house or outside with us; he eyes still gunk up. Rolo is otherwise healthy, as far as the vets say. We haven't switched any products for food or cleaning. I am at a complete loss and would appreciate any help I can get for my boy.
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