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I finally built my bird feeder today. Dunno why I procrastinated, it only took a few minutes to cut the wood and put it together. I used screws so it would be really sturdy.
The box is a platform so I can put goodies like fruit or bread inside for the birds. Nothing on the top bar yet, need to get more feeders. I may put my hummingbird feeders there, dunno yet.

I made it pretty high so the birds would feel more secure and be safer from cats and other predators. And maybe with it being higher they'll feel more comfortable coming around with the dogs out. I actually wanted it taller but then I realized I'd need a big ladder to get up there . It's in the middle of my little rock garden; looks pretty good. I need to get my camera and take a better pic. I just snapped this with my camera phone real quick to show it off .

None of the regular birds have checked it out yet. I guess they're still suspicious even though I moved the feeders I already had to it. They'll probably show up pretty soon though. I have a few cardinals that are constantly here and the males are in their bright spring colors right now, so hopefully I can get some shots of them .

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