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We don't mix in any veggies or fruit, although he does get it as a treat once in a while (apple, green/red peppers, pineapple, etc.)

We feed whole chicken/turkey parts (chicken quarters, turkey necks, chicken backs, etc), lamb ribs when they are on sale, fish, eggs and feed and paultry organs such as chicken/beef hearts and chicken gizzards and chicken liver.

Sample meals:

-- chicken leg quarter with the back attached, a few chicken hearts or gizzards (3-4) and a piece of fish (basa or whatever else is a decent price at the time).
-- turkey neck, an egg and a few chuncks beef heart
-- chicken carcass, a bit of chicken liver and piece of fish

We reached this balance after a while, we experimented in the begining untill we got the right 'poop'. Before we fed less organ/fish but his poo would be too crumbly and he strained. Adding more organs and fish to his meals made it better.

A very good author i like is Tom Lonsdale (australian vet) , google him, he has a lot of free info on his website.
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