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Thank you all so much for your replies. Mittens is still not well. He is still on prednisone and is now taking something to fight intestinal and other infections. He does NOT have haemobartonella after all. The DNA test was negative. He still has a fever though, and is not eating anything. We have to syringe his food and water still. He was diagnosed through a biopsy that showed negative FIP and either IBD or lymphangiectasia, but they figured the latter was more likely based on all of the blood work and the look inside. My vet says although FIP was ruled out, it doesn't show on early biopsies and that it may be FIP after all. So many diagnoses, not one answer. He was eating normal kibble and wet food. NOw we are trying to get him to eat EVO or raw venison, even canned EVO. He doesn't eat anything we give him. He was eating chicken and tuna, but he has no time for it now. Is it a good idea to take the results to another vet?
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