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Just a lil update: everything has been going very well! Gizzy loves his new space and even when we let him out to socialize, he sits at the bedroom door to go back in lol. Or if I'm in there studying, he will meow until I let him in

We almost had a set back last night though. BF gets hot at night so he had the bright idea to get a stand up fan! Gizzy was terrified of it and wouldn't go near it unless I had a few treats for him (which he gulped down without chewing!). I was worried he wouldn't want to use his comfy green bed anymore, cuz the fan is near it. He didn't like the fan blowing in his face at all and wanted to run away everytime it came around. We turned off the rotating switch and moved it in the corner of the back of the room. So we let him be where he wanted to be and then we fell asleep. During the night, he must have gotten curious and made his way up on the bed a few times and the treats I left in his bed were gone so I think it's safe to say that he's over his fear of the big bad fan!
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