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I do not have the info with me now, but it was done by BOA labs in Calgary. My vet (in Fort Mac) took a serum sample (from blood) and sent it to them. They took the sample from my pup when he was knocked out for dental work, but he didn't need to be, as the sample only had to be 1-2 mLs in quantity. Within a week or so, the lab faxed back the results to my vet who called me over the phone and we discussed possible treatment. She then mailed me the results and I was quite impressed... they tested for ALOT of different allergens, and also included a list of appropriate dry and canned foods that I could feed my pup given his food allergies (most was vet food - blah, but some was decent i.e. Evo, Orijen etc.)They tested approx 20 food allergens and about 60 environmental.

The lab was also very helpful - I called them afterwards for more information, questions, etc. and they were very happy to answer them and very honest about realistic expectations from the injections that they offer. The lab even paid to have the sample shipped from Fort Mac to Calgary.

Once I am back in Lethbridge on Monday I can post their address and phone # for you.

My vet did not charge me to take the serum sample (but I was already having dental work done on two dogs, LOL!). BOA labs quoted me $199.50 for the test, I gave them my credit card, and that's what they charged on it. Your vet may charge you to take the blood sample, but it really should not be that expensive as its quite quick.

BOA labs recommended avoiding foods containing allergens and for the enviro allergies doing initial treatment for $200 (series of frequent injections) and then go to a maintenance plan (for approx $20/month). Based on the allergy panel results, they create a specific injection with what your pup is allergic to to desensitize the dog over time to the enviro allergens, as they can't really be controlled (for example, my dog is allergic to most weeds and grasses, LOL!). The nice thing is, if you are comfortable doing the injections yourself, you can do them right at your home. They are honest with you though, and tell you it can take up to six months or longer before you will notice a huge improvement.
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