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So, Anybody Read Brad Pattison's book yet?

Ya, I read it. curiosity got the better of me. Actually a pretty boring read, nothing in it that he doesn't go over and over on his show. Treats are evil, positive reinforcement trainers are evil and don't know what they're doing and end up ruining dogs and turning them into evil, baby biting, aggressive, counter surfing cujos.

Maybe a few good points on why you want a dog, not to buy a dog from a pet store etc.

There's really not much on actual training, pulling up on the collar and if the dog doesn't want to sit you may have to lift his front feet off the ground and his butt will naturally go of course you WIN!! Gotta make sure you have the upper hand at all times. You eat first, go through doors, up or down stairs first...blah..blah. No dog on furniture and certainly not sleeping with you. Let's see Bayley is welcome on the couch, but she only slept on it a couple of times last winter..since then she hasn't shown any interest in getting on it at all. She starts off sleeping with me, mainly for snuggles and tummy rubs then she gets down and sleeps on the floor. She doesn't have a bed cause Coco has a thing for dog beds...peeing on them that is!!

There's a few cases of dogs that he worked with...sorta skimmed through those...I tend to read too fast sometimes. He states not to humanize dogs and then goes on to say that when your dog does something should say in a firm voice, "I don't like what you did, that will not be tolerated." Ummm ya right!! Bayley understands Knock it off!!

I agree with 'umbilical' but he didn't invent it by any stretch. I think it's great especially for dogs that aren't completely housetrained.

Maybe I'm completely anal about this, but the fact that even in this book, there's spelling errors makes me crazy...using reigns when you really mean reins...over and over as in letting the dog take the reins..maybe he's trying for a play on words, cause reign means rules...

Anyway, as for a training book, I'll stick with people like Brenda Aloff etc Anybody want to borrow it? Ya I bought it, but at Walmart so I got it cheaper with my employee discount.
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