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I am surprised you haven't found anything listing the pros and cons of pediatric spay/neuter. What does your breeder say?

There are several studies that show a correlation between pediatric spay/neuter with an increase in cancers, an increase in joint related issues (both hip and elbow dysplacia) and some behavioral issues.

Unfortunately, I just got a new computer and don't have all the bookmarked pages that I once had. I do have this link - you will need to download onto Adobe Reader the link at the bottom of the page.

Here are the pros and cons from that link.

On the positive side, neutering male dogs
eliminates the small risk (probably <1%) of dying from testicular cancer
reduces the risk of non-cancerous prostate disorders
reduces the risk of perianal fistulas
may possibly reduce the risk of diabetes (data inconclusive)
On the negative side, neutering male dogs
if done before 1 year of age, significantly increases the risk of osteosarcoma (bone cancer); this is a
common cancer in medium/large and larger breeds with a poor prognosis.
increases the risk of cardiac hemangiosarcoma by a factor of 1.6
triples the risk of hypothyroidism
increases the risk of progressive geriatric cognitive impairment
triples the risk of obesity, a common health problem in dogs with many associated health problems
quadruples the small risk (<0.6%) of prostate cancer
doubles the small risk (<1%) of urinary tract cancers
increases the risk of orthopedic disorders
increases the risk of adverse reactions to vaccinations
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