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Welcome to, Limey77 . I'm sorry to inform you that we can not answer any questions unless new members post pictures of their pets .

Just kidding (although it would be awfully nice to see your furbaby ).

Not sure if you'll find any definitive answers to your question. There are many pros and cons to neutering early or waiting until a dog reaches maturity. I think LavenderRott had posted some references to studies...I'll pm her this thread.

Personally, although I know some may not agree with me, if I only had one dog who showed no signs of aggression towards other dogs of the same sex, I most likely would wait until at least 1 year old...maybe even 2 (taking extra precautions of course to avoid any accidental breeding). As it is, we have four...a male who doesn't easily accept other mature males, and three females. We've fostered dogs before who were in heat and it created too much tension amongst the girls. We opted to spay our last adopted pup before she had her first heat because of this.

Hope we can get you the right info to help with a decision best suited for your particular circumstances.
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