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Heat cycle

I am hoping she is just coming into heat. The base of her nipples is getting bigger every day, just like she is growing breasts. I've never had a female go in heat I my place, had some already in full heat, but not enough experience with females to know if this is the way it usually is.

Hopefully that's all it is. Her nipples are huge as on most pitbulls I've seen on the street (always felt bad as I thought they had had litters), and the skin being so thin, maybe the breasts swell up. I sure hope so!!!!!!!!! Will definitely keep you posted on the situation.

If she is pregnant, I really feel strongly about aborting her. I feel it is hard enough to place her without having a litter of pitbull X. Any feedback on this guys? I need all the advice I can get on this one (if there are babies in there). I feel putting them in this crazy world of pitbull haters, would not be doing them a favor. I am certainly not for euthanasia, don't any of you get me wrong, but reality has to set in at one point.

I do want your opinions, one way or the other. Thanks
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