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The allergy test I had done was through a lab in Calgary. My vet took a serum sample (obtained from a blood sample 1-2 mLs), and sent it off to Calgary. They tested about 20 different foods (turkey, beef, chicken, rice, wheat, etc.) and about 60 different environmental allergens (they were broken down into weeds, trees, etc - they even tested for human/dog/cat/horse dander/hair imagine if he was allergic to himself!).

It costs me approx. $200.

I have never heard of any bad side effects with Atopica... I'd be curious to hear what you have heard. I haven't decided if I will go with the injections or Atopica yet, but would love to hear what you know about it.

My dog chronically has terrible allergy symptoms. They aren't as bad as some I've heard, but the typical: itching, licking, scratching at his head etc. Around his armpits, paws, and genitals are very red from where he licks himself.

Did the allergy test you have done not test for food allergens as well? I'd be surprised if all he is allergic to is dust mites - sounds like he defiantly has food allergies.

I would look into getting an entire allergy panel done, both food and environmental. For me it has been a great help just knowing what foods I for sure need to avoid. The test I had done also rated it as HP (high positive) or LP (low positive), so I knew the severity of the allergy.

Good luck!
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