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May 2010 photo challenge - Thankful

Any Ideas??

April showers bring may Flowers???

bump bump bump

where is everyone's thinking caps??

In honor of some of those cherished pets that have moved on to the rainbow bridge in April I think we should do "thankful" pets for May.

Examples could be:
Fred is thankful for a nice warm sunbeam
Lucy is thankful to have lots of cookies today
Riley & Sam are thankful to be best buddies
etc etc

Or we could do a sun theme?

Another idea could be "Let me in/out or up/down" .

i like the thankful suggestion - any other suggestions?

The theme with the most support in the next 24 hours wins.



Thankful certainly has lots of possibilities.

Some other suggestions for future themes:
  • rain or shine
  • favourite places
  • hide and seek or simply games animals play
  • tail tales or heads and tails

More bumpety bumps...

I'm with TeriM & Marko on the thankful idea.

Originally Posted by klmccallum View Post
I'm with TeriM & Marko on the thankful idea.
I like that idea too.

and just because I had this thought today and didn't want to forget it for a possible future challenge ...

Our pets and the motto they live by .

I don't think hazel could handle knowing what the Pack's motto really is She prefers to live in her own little imaginary world where they all live to please her...
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