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My male dane Havoc has some pretty bad allergies...we have not done the allergies tests yet but when I finally settle on a vet that will not condemn me for feeding raw I plan on looking into it. We are pretty sure he is allergic to grass....yup thats right...grass...ugh!! We also know that he has food allergies...and were pretty sure that one of them was chicken just by what we fed and things we noticed. We ended up trying several different kibbles and some made things better and some made things worse but none made enough of a difference for us. We finally caved and put him on a vet kibble that our vet recommended to start a food trail with. Now I do have to say that things did get alot better...he stopped itching so much, redness all over his body was gone, no more crazy constant ear infections and no more red itchy paws. BUT it was an iams vet diet..yuck...and was costing me $89 every 2 weeks and that was just to feed Havoc (i have 3 dogs). So I started to look into the raw diet and spoke with alot of fellow dane owners from another board I belong to and changed his diet. He is now doing really well...he is getting itchy again but we are in spring coming onto summer so we expect that since everything is starting to bloom and he is on benadryl to help him with the grass allergy. We even tried him on raw chicken and did not get a reaction from him. Alot of raw feeders I spoke with said that they have heard cooking meats changes it and can cause allergies that raw meats don' we tried the chicken and no reaction at all. I was shocked but happy.
I do not want to put my boy on steroids due to how hard it is on their ex vet said "better to have them for a short time and happy than a long time and miserable" ugh I already have him for a short time...he is a great dane lady 7-10 years...can we try other things first!!
But anywho...I really love the raw diet and what it has done for Havoc and he seems happier and healthier than ever!!
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