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Question Pet "retirement homes"?

This is a question.

The thought occurred to me recently that, should I die, my pets would most likely end up in my local Humane Society shelter, which, unfortunately, is not a "no-kill" shelter. If this shelter should for some reason decide that they were not adoptable, the likely outcome would be that they would be euthanized after a few miserable weeks living in a crate.

I then started thinking about the pets I had seen in recent years being advertised for adoption by rescue organizations and foster homes, where the ad included something along the lines of "this dog's owner recently died", or "this cat's owner is ill and can no longer care for her". . .

I'm sure this happens on a regular basis, and it started me wondering whether anyone has started up a business or a charitable organization dedicated to providing permanent homes for pets whose owners have died or have become so ill that they can no longer care for their animals.

An organization to which the pet owner could bequeath a certain portion of their estate, for the long-term, PERMANENT care of their pet, including food, exercise, and medical care. The organization would then be tasked to find a new home for the animal.

It could be a charity that maintains a database of homes willing and able to adopt an orphaned animal (permanently), or even a business. It would be a great business for a retired person who still has their health and is willing to take on a pet. There could be a network of homes all across Canada - people who love animals and have filled out an application, provided references, perhaps had a home visit by someone from the charity or organization (similar to adopting a child).

The person making the bequest in their will would provide enough money for the animal's food and medical bills for the rest of their life, along with a certain amount to compensate the caregiver.

Does anyone know of such an organization? I know there are rescue groups out there, but many of them seem overloaded with strays and abandoned animals already, and stretched to their limits.

Is there an organization devoted specifically to orphaned pets? Has anyone heard of such a thing? I wouldn't want my pets to end up at my local shelter should anything ever happen to me.

If nothing exists right now, I think it would be a great idea to start such a business.
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