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The Association for the Reform of the THS "ART" held open elections to select a slate to challenge acting President Bob Hambley et pals. Two ART co-founders Linda Mackinnon & Judy King entered themselves as well as Ferne Sinkins - President of TCR, who also featured in the broadcast "Cat City" documentary

50 candidates running for 15 individual seats

3 member organized slates

1. Save the THS: Ties with the old board. No bio's as of yet but watch out for these people; Michelle Wasylyshen, David Turnbull, Jane O'Hra, Gemma Zechini being in this slate.

2. Faces of Change: Rebuilding a compassionate THS

3. Representing Animals in Need "R.A.I.N." Shelter volunteer/advocates a "no kill" shelter philosophy

And a handfull of independent candidates, including acting THS president Bob Hambley

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