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Owl Prowl

I went out on a Owl Prowl last night, with my Ornithology teacher and 10 of my classmates. It is were you can participate in owl surveys, learning about different bird species, through site and sound in the field. We heard a variety of different birds. One of my favorites is the American Woodcock. Too cute. We even seen a muskrat, beavers and two timberwolves. The reasoning for participating is to see if you can owls to respond. The teacher has taped recordings of different owl vocals.

The first call, we had a barred owl fly in about 40 feet up from us in a tree. He stayed for a few, then flew off...where we heard a second owl. Maybe his mate? Then they chatted for about 10 mins. It was great. We went to 6 stations out of 10. Heard a few other owls, mainly barred owl last night. One of my faveurite calls

What is everyones favourite owl vocal/call
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