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Major food allergies

My 2-year old, 70-lb mixed breed (shelter dog, we've had him for 1 year) has major food allergies. First it was wheat, oats (grains), egg, chicken, turkey. Then he began reacting to beef. We've been feeding him pork and potatoes (cooked, homemade) and vegetables, and he just broke out again in bacterial and yeast skin infections. That might be because he likes to grab cat droppings (neighbors' cats, our yard), but none of that in 3 days -- so jury is still out on pork.
My other allergy dog was a vegetarian (as am I), it was the only food she could tolerate and would eat. Can't do that with this guy, his tummy won't tolerate all the fiber and carbs. Giving him a lot of "exotic" meat (stuff you can't easily get in smaller-town Iowa -- rabbit, venison, mutton or lamb) is worrisomely expensive. Spending more on the dog's food than ours is not an option. Raw is one option I have read about for allergy dogs, but I am extremely skeptical and have very little real info. for dogs with so many allergies. It's one thing to say, "raw meats are less allergenic" and another thing to hold your breath, feed your dog something he may be allergic to, and then maybe spend the next 10 days in the tub with him, spraying on skin medicine in between, cramming down the antihistamines and steroids if the rash and infections won't stop and he is scratching himself raw and feeling miserable.
Any ideas? This is a difficult situation, he seems to be developing allergy to different meats within a few months. I know lots of people very pro-raw food and that's super if it works for you. It would be super if it worked for us too, but right now what I really would like to know if anyone else has dealt with this sort of situation. Is it practical or even possible when you don't have easy or affordable access to less-than-ordinary meats?

Beg pardon, I did carry on. I am so frustrated and a little worried.
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