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Lol,,,vel i always thought of mine like permenant Kittens..pretty much what they act like. Oh and it is Cedar shavings that are harmfull for them over pine.

Chaser if they have been descented then they wont have as strong a musty odor..If you want a real laugh put some water in the bathtub(only a few inches) that way there is a runway and a little pond by the drain..they will body slide along the tub into the pond and repeat.

As for Rupert and the might be surprised especially with their being two of them, they will gang up. Don't forget these animals are used to hunt and kill venomous snakes so Rupert might have his paws full..i saw two of mine go after my roommates iguana, we immediately broke it up as someone was gonna get seriously injured.

oh oh and yup you can feed them meat,,just omg don't tear the meat with your teeth and then let the ferret near your face,,learned that the hard way.
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