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Originally Posted by BigBob View Post
i took my cat to the vet last thursday because she was showing signs of another UTI. the doctor suggested this awesome sounding alternative to skinned forearms that resulted from a week or two of trying to mash gooey half-digested pills into my poor suffering kitty. he said with one shot, everything would be fixed.
well, the problem was solved. unfortunately i woke up to a lifeless lump laying in the corner of my dining room.

she was otherwise healthy and had a full check up the day before.

take from it what you will, but i doubt i'll choose the "easy way out" next time.

I am so very sorry to hear about your cat. If your cat was healthy otherwise then it is suspected the injection could have had an adverse reaction. Have you had a post mortem done? I think you and your vet should report it to the drug company and/or to DEFRA.
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