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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
hey chaser,,,i have had 3 ferrets in my life,,the pics AG posted look like a little boy..males have a wider muzzle than females..yes they use a litter box and poop is same consistancy as kitty poop pretty much..make sure you get a good water bottle for them and of course hammocks and a hiding prepared,,they have a rather musky pungent aroma to them..we usually used pine shavings in the cage for odor control and never had a problem..

To my knowledge these two are both fixed and descented - would the musky odour still apply?

they do require outside of the cage play time.

Yeah I expected that - therefore the worry about the other animals.

Every ferret i've ever known for some reason had a thing for sock feet.If for some reason they do latch onto a foot or some other body part,,try not to pull away as they have hooked teeth , give a light little flick under the chin and they will release..

Good to know!

We never had any problem with the ferrets and the dogs,,kitty on the other hand was a different story...keep a close eye on the cat it will look like a big furry slinky that must be pounced on.
Kailey is gentle with everything....and Chase runs away from I think we're good on that front. I'm thinking Rupert will need to be seperated from them when they're out for playtime though.....he's really rough! Considering the way he beats the crap out of his toys I'm not about to trust his 15 lbs. versus a little ferret!

Heehee....usually it's ME wanting to bring animals home....but FH wants ferrets more than I do!!!

aslan - I was reading that they are really active for about two hours at sunrise and two hours at sunset. Did you find this to be true? And are they noisy?
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