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hey chaser,,,i have had 3 ferrets in my life,,the pics AG posted look like a little boy..males have a wider muzzle than females..yes they use a litter box and poop is same consistancy as kitty poop pretty much..make sure you get a good water bottle for them and of course hammocks and a hiding prepared,,they have a rather musky pungent aroma to them..we usually used pine shavings in the cage for odor control and never had a problem..they do require outside of the cage play time. Every ferret i've ever known for some reason had a thing for sock feet.If for some reason they do latch onto a foot or some other body part,,try not to pull away as they have hooked teeth , give a light little flick under the chin and they will release..We never had any problem with the ferrets and the dogs,,kitty on the other hand was a different story...keep a close eye on the cat it will look like a big furry slinky that must be pounced on.
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