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Great pics, Teri!!!

The woodpecker does look like a downy--short-billed (relatively) and some barring on the tail. Also small if that's a standard-sized suet feeder.

Your goldfinch is sharing the thistle feeder with two pine siskins--and your second-last shot is a great shot of one! They're very similar to goldfinches in size, but have streaked breasts and yellow on the wing.

I'm so envious of your hummers!!! I've had the feeder out for a week now, but no takers. I know....I know...I'm jumpin' the gun a bit. Another week should do it, though!

The white-crowned mystery bird is a white-crowned sparrow. We have those here, as well, but they're pretty few and far between. I used to see more during the migration when I lived in Milwaukee. Either the populations are down, or they use a migration corridor that doesn't bring them here.

And your other mystery bird is a real treat for hazel--it's a golden-crowned sparrow, a species we don't get around here!

Thanks for sharing, TeriM and Fred!!! Such a handsome helper!
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